First and foremost I am a woman who stands firm in my beliefs and knows what I want out of this life. As the wife to an amazing man and the mother to four blessings from God, I know how precious life is and how quickly it can change around us. It is my hope that the images and memories I capture and create for you will represent everything you hold near and dear to your heart and will be ones that you cherish for a lifetime to come.

I have always loved taking pictures and am well known for always having a camera with me!! You never know when a perfect photographic moment will arise.  I treasure how a photography freezes a tiny second in time, preserving it for you to cherish forever. Life comes full circle and a good picture will help you celebrate everything again and again. It is my pleasure to capture those special moments for you to relive and fall in love with once again.

~ Susan ~
Susan Reeves Photography